”  I Creative “
Where Creativity Stands Out !

History of I Creative Marketing Consultant

I Creative Marketing Consultant was founded in 2020. Mrs.Roch had an idea to come up with a Marketing Consultant Company. She later decided to look for other young entrepreneurs to join her. She later gathered her team and they started working on their business plan together to make their dream a successful reality.

After putting all their business ideas together they decided to name the company I Creative Marketing Consultant. The name I Creative stands for the different creative ideas that each consultant will be bringing to the market together. The I in I Creative speak for every individual individually and the Creative stands for every individual’s creative ideas and thoughts.

The desire of this team is to provide professional service to their clients in a timely manner. Everyone deserves the opportunity to bring out the full potential of their company and I Creative Marketing Consultancy exists to ensure other companies that there is always a way.